Tuesday, June 30, 2009


hey again! thanks do much for stopping by my blogg :)
so today is a rainy and gloomy day where i live so theres not much to do but to....
clean out my messy closet.
well its not too messy but im sick of not being able to find anything!
hopefully, my mom will take us out today and i can also get some new storage for makeup!
(lets hope so!) its a disaster at the moment and its not organized.
generally, im not a very organized person but i prefer my makeup and clothing
to be organized so i can find it when needed.
if your like me, you should know that nothings worse than a rushed morning and
not being able to find that specific tank top, or that super cute peachy pink blush.
so here i am, stuck cleaning out my closet
and let me tell you, i have a strong emotional bond with my clothes
giving out my clothes for hand me downs is a tough job!

talk to you all laterr!
xo, jess :)

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