Tuesday, August 11, 2009

love yourself & everyone else.

hello my lovley readers!
i just wanted to sincerely thank you for stopping by my blog. it means a lot!
and i just wanted to talk to you all about something that i think you should know.
for some of you, this issue might not bother you, but many others it might.
i was inspired by "Euchante" & "Meganheartsmakeup" on youtube.
It's about self esteem and mean girls.

youtube channels! check out these gorgeous girlies!
Euchante: http://www.youtube.com/Euchante

It's funny how these topics are related, i mean it applies to guys as well but it's just not as common. Everybody has probably had a female friend and growing up with them you get close and become best friends forever-or so you thought. Things happen to people and they change, we all do. We all have an awkward phase, envy somebody and have been teased. From personal experience, i learned this the hard way and i still have lots to learn too.

This part is about self-esteem. i just want to say now that nobody is ugly. absolutely nobody. drill it into your mind girl! Hurting others over anything is wrong on so many levels. Have a heart and don't hurt :) You have to know we are all built differently and we are all perfect in our own way. Of course we're all insecure and always envy somebody else's appearance or something else but there is nothing wrong with being you. Complaining isn't going to change anything, its just a waste and makes you feel awful. This is going to sound really cheesy and what not, but just read it and think about it, its true. Nobody in this world is built like you and it makes every single one of us unique! My best friend S is such a pretty girl and she can't accept it, people i'm friends with tell me my best friend is super pretty and she cannot accept it, she's too concerned about every aspect of her image. Perfection is key to her, if she gets a zit she'll freak, if she has flyaways she'll freak, she always has something to complain about. NOBODY'S PERFECT. And to be honest it's starting to tick me off, being around that one person who complains about everything brings me down! I could be in the best mood ever, listen to her complain and realize the exact issues she has are going down with me and it just makes me feel ugly. Honestly, i used to be super concerned about image too, like bringing my whole makeup collection to school to touch up what i needed, shopping at all the right stores, buying the Rock & Republics and others. I mean i still shop for the high end brands but theres just soooooo many cute things that are affordable and don't hurt my wallet you know? You are basically wasting your money in attempt to impress people you don't even like. and truth be told, that's a huuuge waste. Before, I would never ever wear sweats to school ever, they were just a no. And this summer while i was in summer school, i finally talked myself into not caring about my image as much. i've been walking into class like a hobo lol well sweatshirt, sweats, baggy tees & i did my hair on the walk to school-with no mirror. Before my "image detox" i would never pull a stunt like this, i was sooo uptight about this stuff. And the big question was "who am i going to impress?" nobody. If i went to school looking like garbage nobody would say anything, nobody cares! Your just making yourself feel worse by making a big deal out of it, if that makes sense. I'm not saying don't look nice, just do what you want, if you like dolling up go for it! If you want a lazy day feel free, you are beautiful either way! If they do care, all you can do is laugh at yourself. It is seriously the easiest way out of things haha. Plus, laughing is great so it doesn't hurt. I don't know how i got into this rant of mine but seriously, too many people get hurt and brought down by things that don't matter as much. I wish we lived in a world where image wasn't a big thing, cause if you look beyond image & status, some people have nothing.

Another thing was mean girls as "meganlovesmakeup" stated in her recent video. Girls are mean, no offense if you are a girl haha but its true. not all girls are mean, but we all know the few. so here goes another personal experience story...i hope your all still reading. sorry if this is long and boring i just need to let it out. i was best friends with C, L and J since elementary school and in 9th grade, everything just screwed up. My accounts started getting hacked by people a couple times and it bugged me! but in 9th grade a big one happened. So i was just on msn and my friend G IM's me and asks if my account was ______ but no it wasn't. So i asked her why, and she said that someone was pretending to be me and sending desparate and embarassing messages to this guy i thought was cute. Of course I freaked out, who would pretend to be me out of all people?!?!? And to make matters worse, they had a picture of me. My friends and i had a photobucket account for our group pictures and we all had the password for it, this picture was from the account and the account was private. So it had to be one of my "friends"! This was a big social killer and thankfully the guy knew it wasn't me, but it sucks that it was one of my friends and i still don't know who it is to this day. After a while our little crushes for this guy developed and we all wanted to get properly introduced to him rather than approaching him out of the blue. and guess what? my "bff" C at the time got introduced and hid it from me, J and L. she thought not telling us wouldn't make us mad but she was wrong cause the guy was just a guy and lying to a friend was well.... lying to a friend and obviously its bad. so i confronted her and ever since that day, C, J and L have been excluding me from things. Back then S was also in our group but she was in between C and i. But soon that changed and C turned all my close friends against me. so i had to hang out with a whole bunch of different people which was a new thing for me since i was so used to the old group. C also wrote nasty things about me on her page. I'm not saying that i didn't do anything bad, but i definetly did not go to the extent she did. We got into a huge fight and now we aren't anywhere as close as we used to be. But now back to my point, girls are mean and "Meganheartsmakeup" stated that it could be jealousy and now i see that. Because when S turned on me in 9th grade, she would be out with C and
C would constantly ask S if she was prettier than i was. Like really, constantly? But like "Meganheartsmakeup" said, if she wasn't jealous why would she care at all? If we weren't friends anymore why couldnt she just leave it at that? Why did she have to question my appearance and throw a couple insults at me as well? Jealousy is definetly one factor as among many. Maybe the girl's just plain mean because of her past and insecurities. There could be a million possibilities. That mean girl is one person in your life who doesn't matter. Don't listen to the people who don't matter and i can't stress this point enough. Listen to the people you love, they love you as well and only want the best for you. If a loved one throws some insult at you, think of it as constructive criticism. They only said it because they love you and want the best for you. Just remember constructive criticism is a good thing! you can only learn from your mistakes. && you can always do whatever you choose and don't let anybody tell you different, it's your life not theirs.

stay strong, and you are all beautiful.
please, please remember that & i'll love you forever.
you are perfect in your own way.
live, love & laugh.
-xo jess.

about me

hey! so i don't know a lot of you all and i'm certain you all don't know me so i'm going to tell you about me! if you want to read it go right ahead!

-my name is jessica
-family is a must, i have 3 baby cousins that make our family dinners amazing
-i love my true friends, im still not sure who all of them are yet, but so far, i've
definetly learned the hard way
-i'm in high school
-i'm in love with spending money, but its controllable
-food is a favorite, lol seriously, if you know me in real life-food is 90% of what i talk about
-i make myself drink tons of water so i can maintain good skin :)
-i love disney & family channels, all their shows are amazing. uh jonas brothers YES.
-yes, im quite the immature child.
-i have a million fears
-my phys ed teacher told me i'm one of the most unathletic people she's ever taught and thinks i'm funny to watch LOL
-i've recently discovered decorating cupcakes is amazingly fun!

more questions? let me know in the comments and feel free to tell me about yourself too :)
love jess!


so clearly i'm not too great at blogging often but i'll try my best to keep up!
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