Tuesday, August 11, 2009

about me

hey! so i don't know a lot of you all and i'm certain you all don't know me so i'm going to tell you about me! if you want to read it go right ahead!

-my name is jessica
-family is a must, i have 3 baby cousins that make our family dinners amazing
-i love my true friends, im still not sure who all of them are yet, but so far, i've
definetly learned the hard way
-i'm in high school
-i'm in love with spending money, but its controllable
-food is a favorite, lol seriously, if you know me in real life-food is 90% of what i talk about
-i make myself drink tons of water so i can maintain good skin :)
-i love disney & family channels, all their shows are amazing. uh jonas brothers YES.
-yes, im quite the immature child.
-i have a million fears
-my phys ed teacher told me i'm one of the most unathletic people she's ever taught and thinks i'm funny to watch LOL
-i've recently discovered decorating cupcakes is amazingly fun!

more questions? let me know in the comments and feel free to tell me about yourself too :)
love jess!

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