Monday, July 6, 2009

fashionistaaa's, im in need of some help.

the closest colour of the dress(the one below is too dark)

style of the dress/tunic thing

what it looks like on me

heyy loveliesss!
how are you guys?
storrryyyy timee.
So a WHILE ago, i paid a trip to Urban Outfitters and found this cute dress/tunic thing.
i thought it was cute, and when i brought it home, it occured to me that i have no idea how or what to wear this thing with. It's a bit short so i can't really wear it as a dress. and it's really plain, so i need some suggestions for accesories please? i would love to wear it out and be able to cut off the tag already! haha
so for all of you fashionistas, can you please lend me a hand? =)
i still think its cute, i just dont know how or what to wear this with.

much looove, jess


  1. Hmm...Well, it might look good with a black belt above the waist, black capri-length leggings, and (yep, you guessed it!) black peep toe wedges. Also, I think some silver hoop earrings and a matching necklace might look pretty. Hope this helps!

  2. yay my first comment!
    thanks for commenting! and that sounds like a great idea i will definitley wear this out now!
    thanks so much! i appreciate it :)
    xo jess