Monday, July 6, 2009


just a little close up of the detailing on my new dress!

the little black dress on! cute right? sorry about the quality of this picture, my camera's weird.

m and j's friendship rings haha, so cute right? found at Ardene's 3/$15 or $7.99

my dirt cheap Urban Outfitters find! $10.00!

cute loose top from aritzia, $30.00

hey girls! how are you all doing? :)
im doing pretty good! just tired, but whats new. hah.
LOL so today i went to the mall and found a super cute dress at Urban Outfitters.
It was black, strapless and not too short either!
sooooo, guess how much it was??!
seriously, it was like DIRT CHEAP, at Urban Oufitters too.
my new little black dress cost me $10.00 CAD! marked down from $67.00!!
and as we were making our stop to Starbucks, i had to look in Ardene's and my friend Megan and I found the cuuutest rings ever, and since we were both getting one anyways, we made them our friendship rings =)
So thats all i did today, besides summer school. What about you guys? Let me know in the comments!

xoxo, jess

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